Chronic Wipeout Odor Spray

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Chronic Wipeout’s Odor Eliminator is specifically formulated to eliminate smoke odors from clothes, hair, and skin to cars, couches, beds, bathrooms, and more! If you’re trying to cover up the smell of marijuana in a pinch or if it’s lingering in the most difficult places to eliminate, Chronic Wipeout is the product that will fix it!

***Guaranteed to instantly eliminate the skunky, potent aroma from pot on ALL materials and surfaces. We are not exaggerating – our military-grade, professional-strength formula is like magic and can get rid of ANY weed smells caused by your daily indoor blunt or your friendly weekend kickback. Chronic Wipeout will not harm or damage skin, clothes, hair, hats, car fabrics, couches, walls, flooring, bedding, etc. You can literally spray it directly on your body without worry.

Nobody Will Know You Smoked!