EZ Continuous Mist Spray Bottle 10 oz

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Various (Available Styles May Vary)

Ultra fine mist spray pattern distributes water evenly - it provides the right amount of water to mildly saturate the hair without getting gunked unlike the original types, refreshing curls or taming a bed-head in the mornings.           

  • Re-wet hair in the morning to restyle and freshen up curls. 
  • Help tame toddler bed-head in the mornings.
  • On non-hair wash days. Just spritz and fluff up again with a hair dryer.
  • Especially with it being summer this is the perfect to cool down yourself.
  • Also perfectly showering your pets or birds who enjoy fine mist baths, or for spraying house plant, which would not drown or spray water too heavily on the leaves and stems, even for misting clothes while ironing and cleaning house from dust too.